Throwing a birthday party is always a hard task, but it is even harder if the preson who is having a birthday mustn’t know about it. It is hard to keep a secret and plan an amazing party that conform the expectations of a person who has birthday, beside organization of a surprise party is very complicated. You can make this task a little bit easier by following these five steps.

1. Inconspicuously find out what the person who has the birthday wants

It is important to find out what are the wishes of a person who has the birthday, but if you will ask direct questions, he might understand what your intentions are and why you need to know that. Than the whole surprise will be ruined. You must be very inconspicuous. Ask questions one at a time and integrate them in normal everyday conversations. You can also ask for a help from his friends and family to find out this kind of information.

2. Find out what the person who has birthday is planning to do in exact date

You should definitely find out what are the plans of a person who has a birthday to not fail. Just imagine what would happen if you would throw an amazing party for someone and have all of his friends over, but he would have other plans. If he is planning to do something else on the exact date, throw the party day before or day after. To be completely sure the main person will show up vidmate, you can say you have organized just a small event with few closest friends or find another excuse why he must come over.

3. Do the typical birthday party planning part

Also a surprise party is still a party and there must be the typical planing done. Think of the theme, set the budget, think of decorations, plan the meal, invite the friends etc. Although this is the easiest part of surprise party, it can not be neglected. Dedicate enough of time to make sure everything will go smoothly and the party will be flawless. Better do not involve too much people in the planning part, because someone might not be able to keep a secret.

4. Do the shopping and set up the place

Also shopping, setting up a place and arranging everything is not too different from stetting up a typical party. Just go to the store, buy everything, decorate the place, set the table and wait for the guests. Only difference is that you must be more careful with these works to make sure the person who has the birthday wouldn’t understand whats going on.

5. Organize the perfect incoming

And the last part is organizing the great surprise itself. That might not seem too complicated if everything else has been already done, but it is the most important part for the party to be successful. First of all, you must make sure the person who has a birthday will show up in exact place on exact time. The easiest way how to organize that is by making sure he is coming together with someone who is fully informed about the celebration. Second of all, you must think of the way how you will surprise him. You can just jump out and scream “happy birthday” or think of something more original.