Unlike other holiday and celebration, Easter is not usually celebrated with huge dinner parties or great events. It is rather small family occasion which should be spend together with the loved ones, but still there should be some celebration going on. Here are some advises for hosting Ester brunch that everyone will enjoy.

1. Invite only the closest friends and family

As it was mentioned before, Easter is not the type of feast that is celebrated with great ambitions so you should keep it very simple. Just invite the closest people you really want to see to have the right atmosphere. Leave the great parties and meetings with relatives and friends for Christmas, New Year and other major celebrations. Easter is the time which you can spend with your family and have a rest.

2. Choose appropriate decorations

Just because you are having an Easter brunch, doesn’t men you have to decorate everything with Easter bunnies, chickens and other childish decorations. Of course, if you are having a family dinner with kids, this will be appropriate and the kids will be happy, but if you want to host classy brunch mainly for adults, choose elegant table wear and decorations. For example vidmate, put some spring flowers on the table such as snowdrops, tulips, daffodils etc., decorate with colorful Easter eggs or some natural materials like tree branches. Also choose appropriate dishes, tablecloth and napkins.

3. Create the menu

Remember that you are hosting an Easter brunch, not a dinner, so keep the food light and serve traditional Easter foods. In different countries there might be different traditional Easter foods so the choice is almost infinite, but don’t forget about the eggs. There are many different ways how eggs can be cooked, for example, in salad, stuffed eggs etc. Be original and think what your guests would like to eat.

4. Spend some time outside

It would be great if you could held the whole Easter event outside, but if that is not possible for some reasons, at least make sure you have some activities outside after the brunch. If there are kids invited, definitely organize egg hunting and other typical Easter activities. Kid’s will love these kind of activities and meanwhile adults will be able to have some conversations or do other more serious things. If there are adults only, you can organize a simple walk in some green areas or some other activities. Just make sure you are outside, enjoying the spring.

5. Give some small gifts

Although it is not a tradition to give gifts on Easter, you could do it to show your gratitude to the loved ones. It doesn’t have to be something big and expensive just a symbolic gift as a nice gesture. For example, you can give some chocolate eggs or toys to kids. That will make everyone happy and no one will forget your amazing Easter brunch.