How to Throw an Amazing New Year’s Eve Party?

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest celebrations of the year, so if you are throwing a party at your place, you must make sure it will be really amazing and people won’t regret coming over. Here are some guidelines that will help you to plan and organize really amazing New Year’s Eve party.

1. Think of the theme and decorations

Although New Year’s Eve is a theme itself and there are some must have decorations such as candles, shiny and colorful tapes, balloons etc., you might make your party even more special if there would be some theme that unites your guests. For example, you can choose the traditional carnival theme or more elegant vintage theme. Make sure all the Christmas decorations are gone, and there is a place for the new ones.

2. Make a guest list

This is very important to make sure party will be successful, because rest of the planning and organization will depend on the count and structure of your guests. More people you will invite, more space, food, drinks and everything else you will need. Also you must know what kind of people are coming. If there will be mostly young people, you can throw, crazy active and fun party, but if there will also be kids or seniors, you must pay attention also to them. Make sure all your guests will have a lot of fun at your party.

3. Keep your food light

Many people are making huge New Yer dinner with many hot plates, but that is not what we would recommend. Unless you don’t want everyone to sit around the table whole night and eat, stick with small finger foods and snacks. Party must be about activities, interesting conversations and fun time together not just sitting and eating. Also make sure the plates with snacks are not in the middle of the room, because than they will be in the center of attention. Keep the food on the side, so everyone can have a snack once in a while, but most of the time must be dedicated to activities.

4. Don’t forget about liquor and other beverages

New Yer is the time when we can afford to drink a little bit more, but make sure the party doesn’t become a wild drinking occasion. Better choose light drinks such as wine and champagne. You can even make cocktails from these beverages to reduce alcohol consumption. If you choose also dark beverages, make sure you have something for mixing. Better don’t offer pure whiskey or vodka, because someone can rave too much. Also don’t forget about soft drinks, because not everyone drinks alcoholic beverages.

5. Think of activities

Don’t expect your parry to run itself. You must be the host and think of the activities. Check for some interesting games according to the count and structure of your guests. Those can be either very active games with dancing, running and moving or just some board games, but make sure everything is having fun. Also make sure there are some things to do in between the games, for example, make it possible foe everyone to write down next years resolutions.

6. Set a dress code

To avoid award moments, set a dress code. Not everyone perceive New Yeas Eve the same way. For some its a very big deal and they want to dress fancy evening clothes, but some may just wear jeans and t-shirt. To avoid inequality and make sure guests fit into your party, set approximate a dress code. It doesn’t have to be anything specific, just make sure everyone is dressed in single style.

7. Give the toast

Now matter if your party is formal or informal, you, as a host, must give the toast and wish something to others. It will show your guests that you really have tried and that they are welcome at your home. This will be the serious moment of the fun party which will give a meaning to the whole celebration.