No matter how tasty the food is, restaurant can’t be called good if the service is not on the top level. We might say, that it is even more important, because nothing can give worse experience than not feeling welcome at the place you leave your money. Service providers must ensure great costumer service in any situation. Even if the restaurant is full of guests or there are some misunderstandings, waiters always must do their best to keep costumers satisfied and stay polite. Here are examples of good good service.

First and most important thing is quick service. Nothing is more disturbing than waiting for a long time, just because waiters work slow or are too busy. There are some time frames waiters need to fit in. When you sit down, waiter must bring you the menu within one minute. Drinks must be brought within five minutes and food within half an hour. Of course, if the restaurant is full, there can be some delay, but in that case costumers must be warned. Nothing is more awkward than waiting without even knowing if the waiter will bring the food or not. Remember that waiting for a long time without warning is not a norm, but rather neglect. No good restaurant would allow that бърз заем.

Next important aspect is friendly and polite attitude. Waiters have really hard job and it is normal that they feel exhausted at the end of the working day, but they still need to act friendly. It is part of their job and even not greeting with the costumers can mean that they are not welcome at the restaurant. Also the manner in which they are talking to you matters. Not feeling comfortable, because of attitude of the waiter is a good reason to leave the restaurant and never come beck.

Also waiters must know how to solve problems. That is a very hard task, because it can be frustrating to deal with unsatisfied costumers, but even the costumer is not right, waiter must be polite and act like he agrees. All the costumers are paying for the service so waiters must always keep polite and try to deal with it without ruining the reputation of the restaurant.

The last thing that shows the service is good is the ability of expectation. That means waiter must know what costumers could want even before they say a word. Of course, that is not an obligation like the skills and abilities mentioned above, but costumers usually really appreciate that. Being exceptional is one of the best skills waiter can have and that shows restaurant is interested in satisfying costumers wishes.

If you are in a restaurant that provides everything mentioned above, the restaurant is definitely good and you can go beck any time. If something is missing, you are probably not in a high class restaurant, and there are many others that are lot better. If you doesn’t feel welcome at the place you have chosen, you can leave any time without any explanation. Remember, that restaurants need every costumer, however costumers have plenty restaurants to choose from.