Christmas Eve Traditions From Around the World

Most of the families have their own Christmas traditions and that’s a good thing, but it might get boring to do the same things over and over again every year бързи кредити онлайн. To make your Christmas celebration a little bit more interesting, you can get inspired from other cultures and integrate their Christmas traditions also in your celebration. Here are some interesting traditions from around the world.

In Iceland there is very unique tradition to read books at the Christmas evening. They give books as a gifts to each other and then spend rest of the time reading them. Of course, in the first half of the evening they do other things as well, but the culmination is changing with books and quietly reading them. This is definitely a perfect Christmas tradition for everyone who enjoy reading books and want to have peaceful, quiet Christmas theatergoer with loved ones.

In Norway there is very sweet and heartwarming tradition to feed the birds and other wild animals. They go outside and hang some food in the trees, for, example, pour some grains on the ground or stick some bread and vegetables on the twigs of trees. It not only will give the pleasant feeling because of the good job you have done, vidmate but also will be a great adventure. You can even take a longer walk to the forest to have some nice time outside.

Germans have an interesting tradition to leave their shoes outside the house before the Christmas Eve. Usually children do it. Than over the night shoes are filled either with sweets and gifts, if the children has behaved good all the year, or with tree branches if the children has behaved bad потребителски кредит. This is and interesting way to give gifts to the children.

In England there is similar tradition. People hang out stockings before the Christmas Eve, where Santa Claus will leave the presents over a night. Next morning there is either presents in the stockings for the good people or coals for the bad ones. Nowadays, this quite common tradition also in many other countries.

In Estonia people take sauna or bath house together at Christmas Eve. That is really unique tradition and could be a great way how to spend the time at Christmas also in other countries. Just imagine the great feeling when you are sitting in a hot sauna and watching snow falling outside through the window. This could be something really original for the Christmas celebration.

In Finland Christmas Eve is the time when people remember the ones who have passed away. They go to the cemeteries and light the candles. Also they light the candles and put them next to windows. Finnish graveyards and houses looks really beautiful at Christmas Eve. Although for many cultures Christmas is a fun time and people don’t want to think about such things, it might be a great heartwarming tradition.

So now you see how different the Christmas traditions can be and in how many ways you can celebrate it. Of course, also other countries have their own unique traditions you can get inspired from. Christmas is a wonderful time so don’t spend the whole evening sitting at the table and eating.

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Themes for Christmas Celebration

Planning a Christmas party is not an easy task, because there are lot of things that should be taken into a consideration to make everything perfect. When choosing a theme for the party, you must think of something unique and interesting, but still keep traditional values in mind to wouldn’t loose the whole concept. To make this task a lot easier, we decided to help you with picking a theme for the Christmas party by giving some ideas.

Nordic Noël

If you want your Christmas Celebration to be unique, but still classic and elegant, try Nordic Noël theme. Its typical Scandinavian Christmas theme. The dominating colors of Nordic Noël party must be white, red, blue and little bit of silver or gold. An integral part of this kind of party is luxuriously decorated Christmas tree and other decorations with traditional Scandinavian ornaments such as stylized reindeer, Christmas stars and Christmas trees. Another significant component is smorgasbord – buffet type table with multiple hot and cold dishes. Also you can to introduce Nordic Noël style dress code.

Vintage White Christmas

Probably one of the most common themes is White Christmas. It is very common among Christmas parties, but also this good old theme can be turned into something unique. Instead of modern synthetic bling, try to throw a vintage party which is inspired from 1940s. Create a frosty wonderland with white and silver decorations, pine cones, paper snowflakes, natural Christmas tree and also fireplace if its possible. It is simple, classic and elegant theme that can be used either for home parties or official events.

Woodland Wonderland

As natural materials are now trend, Woodland Wonderland would be a great theme tor this Christmas celebration. This theme includes all kind of decorations form natural materials and natural colors as well. You can use pine cones, moss, fir branches and everything else you can find at woods as decorations. Complement natural materials with simple white candles and other traditional, classic Christmas ornaments. Also such motives as basketry, vidmate linen fabric, cardboard and rough wood will work great. This theme is very actual right now and also won’t coast a lot.

Gatsby Style

A great theme for more official Christmas events is Gatsby Style. It is very luxurious, elegant style from the 1920s. Think of shiny crystal, beads, ostrich feathers, fur, black color and very elegant, long table full of gourmand meals. With this theme it is possible to manifest not only with decorations, but also with luxurious outfits and hairstyles. Throwing this kind of party might be quite expensive, but it is worth it, because everyone will be amazed by the elegance.

King’s Christmas

This is more nontraditional and very outstanding theme. Just watch some historic movies about aristocratic monarchies and you will get what we meant by this. It is combination of metallic with sapphire and amethyst hues. Basically it means jewelry type ornaments and great gloss. This might even seem too colorful and exaggerated for many people, but Christmas is the time when we can allow little bit more gloss to come inside our houses.