Celebrations and events make life more fun and pleasurable so everyone should be throwing some parties once in a while to please themselves and others. Unfortunately it costs a lot of money to make any kind of entertainment event. Decorations, food, entertainment and all the other necessary components are quite expensive and not everyone can afford them, but lack of money shouldn’t be a reason not to celebrate. Here are some tips, how to pan an amazing event on a low budget.

1. Create a budget

Actually, the main reason why parties and other events cost so much is the lack budget. If you won’t create a budget before panning, you will just buy everything in sight and at the end won’t even use most of the things you have bought. To avoid these unnecessary spending, carefully create a budget and divide it into different categories, for example, decorations, food, entertainment, beverage etc. If it later turns out that certain items cost more than you had planed, balance your budget by eliminating costs on other categories. This way you will know what amount of money you can spend and won’t buy anything unnecessary.

2. Make your own decorations from what you have

To make an elegant party, decorations are obligation. Buying them really might be too expensive, but you can make them from the things you have at home. For example, use glasses as a candle holders, make beautiful origami paper flowers instead of real ones, fold the paper towels in interesting ways, to save on napkins etc. It won’t look cheap if you will withhold same style for all decorations and will make them very carefully.

3. Serve snacks

The most expensive thing of almost any event is the food. If you have to serve hot plates for over ten people it will cost a fortune, beside the cooking will take too much time and the host will spent most of the time in kitchen. That is why snacks are a lot better solution. You can also make hot snacks to make sure none of the guests are hungry, but it will cost a lot less. This way vidmate it is possible to reduce expenditure by more than half.

4. Go BYOB

Nowadays many hosts write BYOB in invitations. That means bring your own beverage. As beverage is very expensive, it is not an obligation to buy it for everyone. You can buy one bottle to make welcome drinks, but if your guests want to drink more, they can bring it themselves. Actually there are many benefits of this method. First of all, it will be a lot cheaper for the host. Second of all, your guests can have the type of beverages they want and you don’t have to worry about what everyone wants to drink and third of all, this way there will be a lot less chance that someone might drink more then he should.

5. Involve your guests in entertainment planning

It is hard to think of interesting, cheap entertainment that everyone would like, so ask what kind of entertainment your guests like and use their resources. For example, there are many interesting board games. These games coast a lot of money, so buying them wouldn’t be the best solution, but you can borrow them from your guests. Probably at least one of them will have an interesting game at home and they won’t mind to take the games to the party.