Probably everyone has heard something about such thing as Michelin Stars. Restaurants all over the world are trying to get these stars, because it shows the high quality level of the restaurant, but only few actually know what these stars really mean and how restaurants can get them. If you are willing to visit a Michelin star restaurant, there are some thing you should know (from Guias de productos).

Michelin stars are best known and most prestigious restaurant rating system in the whole world. They are considered as most reliable mark of quality in the field of restaurants. The French chef Paul Bocuse, the pioneer of nouvelle cuisine, even said that Michelin is the only guide that counts. Many other chefs, critics and other experts have similar opinion – Michelin is the rating system that really can show which restaurant is good. This system was originated in France in 1900, when the first Michelin Guide was published. Nowadays there are many guides available that covers different countries. The Michelin stars are given only to the top restaurants, which has proved their abilities to the Michelin inspectors.

Michelin rating system provides three level ratings – one star, two stars and three stars. One star means very good restaurant. Two stars means excellent restaurant provides sophisticated cuisine. Three stars means more than just a restaurant. It’s an exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey. So even one star is a great achievement for a restaurant.

The Michelin stars are given by Michelin inspectors. They are being kept in secret, but they are ultimate professionals. Every inspector need at least five year work experience in restaurant or hotel industry. Also they must have appropriate education. There are only around 120 inspectors, despite the huge number of stared restaurants and countries that are covered. None of the restaurants are aware of who is the Michelin inspector, so they are not able to provide better food and service for these inspectors. Also the inspection process itself is a guarded secret. Nobody, except, Michelin team itself, doesn’t know how exactly restaurants are being evaluated. Of, course, as there are so many Michelin restaurants all over the world, there are some similarities observed, that might be the main criteria for evaluation. Also it is known tat each restaurant is inspected at least two times to get a star and they keep inspecting the restaurants that already has stars. It is possible to loose a star in case of reduction of quality level.

All the Michelin restaurants are listed and described in Michelin Guides – mejor humidificador. They are released annually, so there are always only top restaurants listed. Actually, there are different types of Michelin Guides, but with this term usually Red Guide is understood. The Red Guide is the oldest European hotel and restaurant reference guide. It is a huge honor for a restaurant to be includes into Michelin Guide.

So for those who are true gourmands an are willing to have some really unique and luxurious food experience, Michelin will be the best guide. As the Michelin stars are given only to the best restaurants in the world, you wont be mistaken by choosing any of ttem.