Best Places Where to Spend New Year’s Eve

Many people believe that the way how New Year’s Eve is spent, will reflect in the whole next year, so the traveling might be a great choice for New Year’s Eve celebration. That will give a chance to experience the local traditions and have a really great time. Here are some advises where to travel right here in Europe, at the New Year’s Eve to have the most unforgettable celebration.

One of the best places where to spend the New Years Eve is London in United Kingdom. Every year more than 250 000 people gather at the city center and wait for the midnight. The world’s most famous clock Big Ben performs countdown at the New Year’s Eve and at the midnight there is great lighting show and fireworks performed. Before and after this legendary countdown all the best restaurants, bars and clubs are opened so everyone could have greatest celebration ever. Of course, it is possible to do all the usual sight-seeing while in London town for New Year’s Eve.

Another place where the New Year’s Eve is celebrated with a great ambition is Stockholm in Sweden. There are many party and celebration options in Stockholm at this time. You can go to the finest restaurants or just some free celebration events – it is possible to have lot of fun everywhere. Right before the midnight all the people are moving to Skansen, which is the center of Stockholm’s celebrations. The then poem “Ring Out, Wild Bells” will be read and fireworks will hit the sky. Party continues also after midnight, when all the clubs welcome the visitors.

What would be better than watching salute over the Eiffel Tower? Paris in France provides a massive street party every New Year. There are champagne bottles and fireworks popping everywhere. People are friendly and wishes Happy New Year to each other. However, Paris will be a great choice also for those who doesn’t like big crowds. You can choose dinner cruise along the Seine. There is live orchestra playing every New Year and also it is possible to watch fireworks in very romantic atmosphere.

Prague in Czech Republic turns into an amazing celebration place at every New Year. It is one of the Europe’s most beautiful cities and it looks especially great at the New Year’s Eve. There are colorful lights and fireworks everywhere and all the restaurants, clubs and bars are opened until the morning. Also most beautiful places and buildings in Prague are decorated. There is a great salute in the center of the city at midnight. The sight of Prague’s old town covered in fireworks is really amazing.

And the best place in Europe where to spend the New Year’s Eve is Berlin in Germany. Berlin has a reputation as a party city, so it is no wonder there are many celebration and party opportunities available. Place between Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column turns into an ultimate party spot where munch of people is having fun. There are many food stalls, music stages, party tents and light shows, but also other parts of Berlin offers many great celebration opportunities.

Christmas Eve Traditions From Around the World

Most of the families have their own Christmas traditions and that’s a good thing, but it might get boring to do the same things over and over again every year. To make your Christmas celebration a little bit more interesting, you can get inspired from other cultures and integrate their Christmas traditions also in your celebration. Here are some interesting traditions from around the world.

In Iceland there is very unique tradition to read books at the Christmas evening. They give books as a gifts to each other and then spend rest of the time reading them. Of course, in the first half of the evening they do other things as well, but the culmination is changing with books and quietly reading them. This is definitely a perfect Christmas tradition for everyone who enjoy reading books and want to have peaceful, quiet Christmas theatergoer with loved ones.

In Norway there is very sweet and heartwarming tradition to feed the birds and other wild animals. They go outside and hang some food in the trees, for, example, pour some grains on the ground or stick some bread and vegetables on the twigs of trees. It not only will give the pleasant feeling because of the good job you have done, but also will be a great adventure. You can even take a longer walk to the forest to have some nice time outside.

Germans have an interesting tradition to leave their shoes outside the house before the Christmas Eve. Usually children do it. Than over the night shoes are filled either with sweets and gifts, if the children has behaved good all the year, or with tree branches if the children has behaved bad. This is and interesting way to give gifts to the children.

In England there is similar tradition. People hang out stockings before the Christmas Eve, where Santa Claus will leave the presents over a night. Next morning there is either presents in the stockings for the good people or coals for the bad ones. Nowadays, this quite common tradition also in many other countries.

In Estonia people take sauna or bath house together at Christmas Eve. That is really unique tradition and could be a great way how to spend the time at Christmas also in other countries. Just imagine the great feeling when you are sitting in a hot sauna and watching snow falling outside through the window. This could be something really original for the Christmas celebration.

In Finland Christmas Eve is the time when people remember the ones who have passed away. They go to the cemeteries and light the candles. Also they light the candles and put them next to windows. Finnish graveyards and houses looks really beautiful at Christmas Eve. Although for many cultures Christmas is a fun time and people don’t want to think about such things, it might be a great heartwarming tradition.

So now you see how different the Christmas traditions can be and in how many ways you can celebrate it. Of course, also other countries have their own unique traditions you can get inspired from. Christmas is a wonderful time so don’t spend the whole evening sitting at the table and eating.

How to Make a Perfect Christmas Dinner Table?

An integral part of Christmas celebration is dinner table. For many families that is the place where most of the time is spent at Christmas evening, so it must be perfect. Everything on it must be in order and look great. Here are some tips to make a perfect Christmas dinner table.

Use fancy plates and dishes

Don’t use the regular plates and dishes for the Christmas dinner. No matter how great the foods are and how interesting the table is decorated, the atmosphere will be totally ruined if you will use old, worn out plates and dishes. If you don’t have any fancy dishes at home, go and buy them. There should be at least one festive dish set every home. That might cost quite a lot, but you will be able to use these dishes at every dinner party and celebration so it’s not that bad.

Use beautiful tablecloth and cloth napkins

Nowadays tablecloths are not too common for informal celebrations and dinner parties, but they can create very elegant look. As we are talking exactly about Christmas dinner, it should reflect the Christmas theme. It doesn’t mean the tablecloth must be with some kind of Christmas symbolic, but think of the overall atmosphere when you choose it. Choose the tablecloth in typical Christmas colors and from appropriate fiber. Now there are even knitted tablecloths available which would look great for a Christmas dinner table.

Put the candles on the table

The easiest way how to make an elegant Christmas dinner table is by putting some candles on the table. Nothing reflects winter, cold weather and Christmas more than candles, beside it will create very romantic, calm mood. Just make sure the candles are fixed correctly and won’t disturb your guests to have a meal. Better use stable candle holders which won’t tip over. Also beautiful candle holders will be a great decoration.

Decorate the table with edible things

Although there is a huge choice of Christmas decorations, it would be better to decorate the table with edible things. That would create more tasty looks to the table. There shouldn’t be too much things on the table that are not meant for eating, because they will only use the free space and the table will look overloaded. Edible decorations can be some nuts into the glasses, decorated clementines, fruits with caster sugar, ginger breads etc. All these things look great and it is possible to eat them as well.

Add some sparkle

Of course, Christmas is the time when little bit more sparkles can be added as well. There are many ways how to implement them in table decorations, but better integrate them into table wear or other functional things. For example, choose shiny napkin rings, put sparkling bows around the plates, decorate the vine bottles or decorate the chair becks.

Don’t overdo with decorations

And the last and most important thing to create a perfect Christmas dinner table is not to overdo with decorations. At the Christmas people usually are willing to decorate everything and put as many different decorations as possible. That way you will only make you dinner table flashy. Better choose minimalism to make sure the table is great looking and also functional.

Tips for Hosting The Best Easter Brunch

Unlike other holiday and celebration, Easter is not usually celebrated with huge dinner parties or great events. It is rather small family occasion which should be spend together with the loved ones, but still there should be some celebration going on. Here are some advises for hosting Ester brunch that everyone will enjoy.

1. Invite only the closest friends and family

As it was mentioned before, Easter is not the type of feast that is celebrated with great ambitions so you should keep it very simple. Just invite the closest people you really want to see to have the right atmosphere. Leave the great parties and meetings with relatives and friends for Christmas, New Year and other major celebrations. Easter is the time which you can spend with your family and have a rest.

2. Choose appropriate decorations

Just because you are having an Easter brunch, doesn’t men you have to decorate everything with Easter bunnies, chickens and other childish decorations. Of course, if you are having a family dinner with kids, this will be appropriate and the kids will be happy, but if you want to host classy brunch mainly for adults, choose elegant table wear and decorations. For example, put some spring flowers on the table such as snowdrops, tulips, daffodils etc., decorate with colorful Easter eggs or some natural materials like tree branches. Also choose appropriate dishes, tablecloth and napkins.

3. Create the menu

Remember that you are hosting an Easter brunch, not a dinner, so keep the food light and serve traditional Easter foods. In different countries there might be different traditional Easter foods so the choice is almost infinite, but don’t forget about the eggs. There are many different ways how eggs can be cooked, for example, in salad, stuffed eggs etc. Be original and think what your guests would like to eat.

4. Spend some time outside

It would be great if you could held the whole Easter event outside, but if that is not possible for some reasons, at least make sure you have some activities outside after the brunch. If there are kids invited, definitely organize egg hunting and other typical Easter activities. Kid’s will love these kind of activities and meanwhile adults will be able to have some conversations or do other more serious things. If there are adults only, you can organize a simple walk in some green areas or some other activities. Just make sure you are outside, enjoying the spring.

5. Give some small gifts

Although it is not a tradition to give gifts on Easter, you could do it to show your gratitude to the loved ones. It doesn’t have to be something big and expensive just a symbolic gift as a nice gesture. For example, you can give some chocolate eggs or toys to kids. That will make everyone happy and no one will forget your amazing Easter brunch.

How to Organize a Birthday Party for Kids

Kids Birthday parties are even more fun and interesting than adult parties, but unfortunately it is lot harder to plan and organize them. You must respect all the kid’s wishes and needs to make sure it is successful, but at the same time you must think of budget and practical aspects. Here is plan for organizing successful kid’s Birthday party that everyone will enjoy.

Involve your kid in the theme picking

As the it is your kid’s party, not yours, it is important to involve the kid in theoretical planning. Ask your kid, what kind of party he would like to have and what theme to pick. Nowadays kids usually choose themes of cartoons or books they like, but there might also be other, more original wishes. You can give advises to your kids, but let them make a final decision, even if the theme is more difficult then the one you have in your mind. The correct theme will already guarantee success.

Make a guest list

Also in making a guest list you should involve your kid to find out which people to invite and which not, but in this case you should make the final decision. As you are the one who’s organizing the party and paying for everything, you have rights to choose how many and which people are coming. Of course, you should invite all your kid’s closest friends, but also include the relatives. Also don’t invite too many kids, if there won’t be their parents as well, because you just won’t be able to deal with them all.

Make an invitations

Many parents skip this step, because they consider invitations more as a formality for official occasions, but actually they are very necessary for organizing a kid’s party. They contain all the most important information about the celebration. As most of the guests will be kids, it is important to have an invitation where everything is written down and made clear for guests. Otherwise some guests might come too soon, too late or do something else wrong.

Buy the food

Actually the choice of food for a kid’s party is even easier than for adults party, because we all know what king of foods kids like. Also there is no need for cooking, just buy some snacks, sweets, fats foods etc. It is not the healthiest food, but it is what kids really love, so if you want them to be happy and satisfied, buy the food they are expecting. If there will also be parents and other adults at the party, make sure there is also something for them. Ans of course, don’t forget about the cake.

Plan the activities

The most important part of planning a kid’s party is choosing the right activities. Unlike in adult’s parties, in kids parties no one will be sitting at the table and talking. You must be sure that kid’s will be entertained the whole time. You can choose the traditional party games such as pinata, limbo, Twister, alias etc., but if you want something more original you can make workshops or interesting, original games that no on else will know.

Plan the goodbye

For many kid’s it might not be possible to get home by themselves after party, so you must also plan how to get them home later. If the parents agree to pick up everyone you don’t have to worry about it, but it is not an obligation for parents to come over after the party, so think of the ways how to make sure everyone will get home safe and sound.

How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party

Throwing a birthday party is always a hard task, but it is even harder if the preson who is having a birthday mustn’t know about it. It is hard to keep a secret and plan an amazing party that conform the expectations of a person who has birthday, beside organization of a surprise party is very complicated. You can make this task a little bit easier by following these five steps.

1. Inconspicuously find out what the person who has the birthday wants

It is important to find out what are the wishes of a person who has the birthday, but if you will ask direct questions, he might understand what your intentions are and why you need to know that. Than the whole surprise will be ruined. You must be very inconspicuous. Ask questions one at a time and integrate them in normal everyday conversations. You can also ask for a help from his friends and family to find out this kind of information.

2. Find out what the person who has birthday is planning to do in exact date

You should definitely find out what are the plans of a person who has a birthday to not fail. Just imagine what would happen if you would throw an amazing party for someone and have all of his friends over, but he would have other plans. If he is planning to do something else on the exact date, throw the party day before or day after. To be completely sure the main person will show up, you can say you have organized just a small event with few closest friends or find another excuse why he must come over.

3. Do the typical birthday party planning part

Also a surprise party is still a party and there must be the typical planing done. Think of the theme, set the budget, think of decorations, plan the meal, invite the friends etc. Although this is the easiest part of surprise party, it can not be neglected. Dedicate enough of time to make sure everything will go smoothly and the party will be flawless. Better do not involve too much people in the planning part, because someone might not be able to keep a secret.

4. Do the shopping and set up the place

Also shopping, setting up a place and arranging everything is not too different from stetting up a typical party. Just go to the store, buy everything, decorate the place, set the table and wait for the guests. Only difference is that you must be more careful with these works to make sure the person who has the birthday wouldn’t understand whats going on.

5. Organize the perfect incoming

And the last part is organizing the great surprise itself. That might not seem too complicated if everything else has been already done, but it is the most important part for the party to be successful. First of all, you must make sure the person who has a birthday will show up in exact place on exact time. The easiest way how to organize that is by making sure he is coming together with someone who is fully informed about the celebration. Second of all, you must think of the way how you will surprise him. You can just jump out and scream “happy birthday” or think of something more original.

Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing at Holiday Parties

It is not only hard to be a good host of the holiday party, but it is also complicated to be a good and polite guest. There are some unwritten rules for the guests that everyone should be aware of. If you want to be the guest that everyone invites at their parties, keep in mind the following conditions.

Don’t ignore the invitation

Invitations are not handed out just for no reason. They are the information providers for the guests so they would know where to go, how to dress, what to take with them etc. If there are some specific requirements, you should follow them to not ruin the party. For example, if there is said you must call the host and notice of arrival, you should definitely do that, so the host would know how many people will be there and how to organize the celebration. Also don’t think that it is fine to take other people with you. If there is only your name in invitation, host doesn’t expect anyone else to be there, including your kids.

Don’t arrive too early

It is even better to be few minutes late, than arrive too early. If you come too early the host might not be prepared yet and he might not want someone to see the whole preparation process. That really might ruin the mood of the host, beside if you will be sitting in the room doing nothing, host might feel awkward and rushed, because it is rude to not spent the time with guests. Don’t make this time even more stressful for the host.

Always bring a gift or something for the celebration

Many people doesn’t even now how rude it is to show up on a holiday party with empty hands. You should always take at least something symbolic. This gesture shows that you are thankful for the invitation and you appreciate the hard work the host has done. Also it shows that you doesn’t expect the host to be buying everything alone. Most common gifts for holiday parties are bottle of vine or champagne, cake, dessert, candy or thematic gifts.

Don’t bring up contentious conversations

Starting to talk about something contentious is the worst thing any guest can do at a holiday party, especially if he doesn’t know all the other guests too well. That can cause some serious fights, because for some of the guests the certain topic might be very personal and cause anger or resentment. Don’t talk about money, your beliefs, religion and other things that might cause fights and negative emotions. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should stay quiet for the whole evening. You can talk about ordinary everyday things or things that you are interested in, but avoid to push your opinion.

Don’t be critical about anything

Even if you really doesn’t like something about the holiday party, don’t say it to the host. That will create awkward feelings and tense atmosphere. Host might even get offended, because you doesn’t know how much work there is put in to organize the party. If you don’t want to ruin the relationship with the host, keep your negative opinion to yourself.

Budget-Friendly Event Planning Tips

Celebrations and events make life more fun and pleasurable so everyone should be throwing some parties once in a while to please themselves and others. Unfortunately it costs a lot of money to make any kind of entertainment event. Decorations, food, entertainment and all the other necessary components are quite expensive and not everyone can afford them, but lack of money shouldn’t be a reason not to celebrate. Here are some tips, how to pan an amazing event on a low budget.

1. Create a budget

Actually, the main reason why parties and other events cost so much is the lack budget. If you won’t create a budget before panning, you will just buy everything in sight and at the end won’t even use most of the things you have bought. To avoid these unnecessary spending, carefully create a budget and divide it into different categories, for example, decorations, food, entertainment, beverage etc. If it later turns out that certain items cost more than you had planed, balance your budget by eliminating costs on other categories. This way you will know what amount of money you can spend and won’t buy anything unnecessary.

2. Make your own decorations from what you have

To make an elegant party, decorations are obligation. Buying them really might be too expensive, but you can make them from the things you have at home. For example, use glasses as a candle holders, make beautiful origami paper flowers instead of real ones, fold the paper towels in interesting ways, to save on napkins etc. It won’t look cheap if you will withhold same style for all decorations and will make them very carefully.

3. Serve snacks

The most expensive thing of almost any event is the food. If you have to serve hot plates for over ten people it will cost a fortune, beside the cooking will take too much time and the host will spent most of the time in kitchen. That is why snacks are a lot better solution. You can also make hot snacks to make sure none of the guests are hungry, but it will cost a lot less. This way it is possible to reduce expenditure by more than half.

4. Go BYOB

Nowadays many hosts write BYOB in invitations. That means bring your own beverage. As beverage is very expensive, it is not an obligation to buy it for everyone. You can buy one bottle to make welcome drinks, but if your guests want to drink more, they can bring it themselves. Actually there are many benefits of this method. First of all, it will be a lot cheaper for the host. Second of all, your guests can have the type of beverages they want and you don’t have to worry about what everyone wants to drink and third of all, this way there will be a lot less chance that someone might drink more then he should.

5. Involve your guests in entertainment planning

It is hard to think of interesting, cheap entertainment that everyone would like, so ask what kind of entertainment your guests like and use their resources. For example, there are many interesting board games. These games coast a lot of money, so buying them wouldn’t be the best solution, but you can borrow them from your guests. Probably at least one of them will have an interesting game at home and they won’t mind to take the games to the party.

How to Throw an Amazing New Year’s Eve Party?

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest celebrations of the year, so if you are throwing a party at your place, you must make sure it will be really amazing and people won’t regret coming over. Here are some guidelines that will help you to plan and organize really amazing New Year’s Eve party.

1. Think of the theme and decorations

Although New Year’s Eve is a theme itself and there are some must have decorations such as candles, shiny and colorful tapes, balloons etc., you might make your party even more special if there would be some theme that unites your guests. For example, you can choose the traditional carnival theme or more elegant vintage theme. Make sure all the Christmas decorations are gone, and there is a place for the new ones.

2. Make a guest list

This is very important to make sure party will be successful, because rest of the planning and organization will depend on the count and structure of your guests. More people you will invite, more space, food, drinks and everything else you will need. Also you must know what kind of people are coming. If there will be mostly young people, you can throw, crazy active and fun party, but if there will also be kids or seniors, you must pay attention also to them. Make sure all your guests will have a lot of fun at your party.

3. Keep your food light

Many people are making huge New Yer dinner with many hot plates, but that is not what we would recommend. Unless you don’t want everyone to sit around the table whole night and eat, stick with small finger foods and snacks. Party must be about activities, interesting conversations and fun time together not just sitting and eating. Also make sure the plates with snacks are not in the middle of the room, because than they will be in the center of attention. Keep the food on the side, so everyone can have a snack once in a while, but most of the time must be dedicated to activities.

4. Don’t forget about liquor and other beverages

New Yer is the time when we can afford to drink a little bit more, but make sure the party doesn’t become a wild drinking occasion. Better choose light drinks such as wine and champagne. You can even make cocktails from these beverages to reduce alcohol consumption. If you choose also dark beverages, make sure you have something for mixing. Better don’t offer pure whiskey or vodka, because someone can rave too much. Also don’t forget about soft drinks, because not everyone drinks alcoholic beverages.

5. Think of activities

Don’t expect your parry to run itself. You must be the host and think of the activities. Check for some interesting games according to the count and structure of your guests. Those can be either very active games with dancing, running and moving or just some board games, but make sure everything is having fun. Also make sure there are some things to do in between the games, for example, make it possible foe everyone to write down next years resolutions.

6. Set a dress code

To avoid award moments, set a dress code. Not everyone perceive New Yeas Eve the same way. For some its a very big deal and they want to dress fancy evening clothes, but some may just wear jeans and t-shirt. To avoid inequality and make sure guests fit into your party, set approximate a dress code. It doesn’t have to be anything specific, just make sure everyone is dressed in single style.

7. Give the toast

Now matter if your party is formal or informal, you, as a host, must give the toast and wish something to others. It will show your guests that you really have tried and that they are welcome at your home. This will be the serious moment of the fun party which will give a meaning to the whole celebration.